Thursday, June 10, 2010


I've programmed systems internals, designed database applications, developed business intelligence software, and set up corporate websites for multiple clients and employers for nearly 20 years. In this blog I want to share with you the expertise I've amassed--everything relevant to a well-rounded Information Technology specialist:
  • tips on several types of computers and hardware peripherals
  • the in-roads I've made into software development on various platforms
  • some complex software engineering tricks
  • simple desktop application software solutions to common problems
  • freeware/shareware and retail product software reviews
  • some business analysis and technical writing helps in support of the Software Development Life-Cycle
  • computer networking and router setup assistance
  • my supervisory experience with both onsite and telecommuting programmers
  • the management of testers and Quality Assurance personnel
  • and even my aesthetic and practical suggestions on how to write good user, testing, and validation manuals.
Knowing how challenging it is to stay on top of today's ever-advancing Information Technology industry, I hope this blog will help some other beginner or intermediate I.T. specialist make sense of his/her often daunting project responsibilities!

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